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Oct 2021

There's an old adage which says without our heritage we are nothing. And just in case we forget, something comes along as a poignant reminder about how we must live up to the standards set by those in the past because they gave us what we have today. 

Surprised and astonished would be very good descriptions of how we felt when we were presetented with this little reasurance from Janie Penn - Barwell which can still make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.

Janie was visiting a friend in Ashburton, South Devon when a kind stranger came to her rescue with some change for parking. She was so touched she wanted to give her thanks on the Ashburton Neighbours facebook and the following day she checked to see if the anonymous  donor had replied. Sadly they did not but she was struck by a random photograph of a hand holding a little chemist label on it from the early 1950s!

Janie contacted its owner, Sarah to tell her she still uses the sister pharmacy in Bishopstoke (the eastleigh branch closed in 2006) and offered to buy it for us. Sarah refused payment or postage and kindly sent it to Janie who surpised us all with it at the pharmacy.

And thats the story of how this rare little beauty finally found its way home!

Its unkown how this bottle which once contained oil of peppermint, historically only affordable to the rich and gentry for indigestion (delicately dabbed behind each ear using the corner of a well - prssed serviette), somehow ended up in Ashburton! However part of this medical mystery could be solved by finding its purchaser in our archive of extemporaneously dispensed medicines journals dating back from when the pharmacy first opened. 

It's such a boon after all the long hours, back breaking hard work, struggles, trials and tribulations over the last two years to have found this. It makes it all worthwhile not only because it's a real privilege to be part of Bishopstoke village life but also the guardian of Wainwright's chemist for the next generation. This pharmacy has a unique history and has been a constant fabric at the heart of this great community.

We are always mindful at Wainwright's that if we totally scrape the old ways off and forget about them then we lose traditional values and leave behind everything we ever stood for. So the trick in managing change is is to always respect the past and take the best into the future. And that's our motto because is no incentive so great or medicine so powerful as hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you so much Janie, Sarah of Ashburton and the anonymous donor in the car park. Clearly like Bishopstoke, Devon also has some very kind people. Christmas has come early and we can never thank any of you enough xxx

Here's to the next 70 plus years of Wainwrights chemist still being part of Bishopstoke life and surving in peak condition as this little beauty has done!

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New: Ear Examination/Micro-Suction Wax Removal Service/Hearing Screening Test 20.04.2022

You told us, we listened... Now we are very pleased to announce our new fully insured and accredited Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal Service by a fully trained and qualified ear health specialist using an otoscope; available for home visits and at this pharmacy.
This is a booking-only service through our website or app but please call to arrange home visits or Friday and Saturday bookings. There's already been a high demand since it started a few weeks ago and we are very pleased to see such positive outcomes, and very positive feedback so early on.

Please use Earol Wax Spray (normal Olive Oil has the wrong pH for your ear health) for FIVE days before your appointment date is due otherwise a return visit may be required and click on the 'More' Button on the Booking Page before you book for important information.
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